Adams Consulting Partners

We provide top quality bespoke advice and solutions, mainly in health and social care. Good ideas, “curved” thinking; attention to detail. We are proud of our continuing track record of delivery & innovation. Take a look for yourself.

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Working with You

We do not do things to you. We work with you to help you deliver sustainable solutions that make the difference for your customers and service users.

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Our Services & Values

We offer a variety of services to commissioners of care, providers of care, and other organisations. All our services reflect our core values - dedication to client satisfaction; commitment to the highest standards; always focusing on the needs of service users.

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Dignity in our older years

Growing old is perhaps the greatest challenge facing us all. Our sophisticated society still largely fails to address the many problems of our ageing population. We are working with commissioners, providers and policy makers to build sustainable solutions for older people - helping build processes, systems and attitudes that make a positive difference for older people.


Understanding complex systems and balancing multiple perspectives requires holistic, experienced and innovative thinking. We are experts at seeing the whole as well as the parts; at pulling all the strands together to deliver affordable, sustainable solutions.

Welcome to the website of Adams Consulting Partners Limited. We have been helping our clients make the difference over the last 20 years. During this time we have developed our reputation for top quality advice and solutions implementation. Please look around the site at our capabilities and projects. We hope we can be of service to you and, crucially, can help you make the difference!

Commissioning “Care without Walls”

This is a comprehensive an innovative commissioning model, integrating all relevant services, intended to reduce unavoidable admissions and support appropriate discharge, provide urgent care closer to home, effectively use the time of GPs and community staff whilst offering a responsive and effective service maximising use of community and nursing home beds.

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Integration & Transformation

We help Commissioners and Providers alike deliver better, more integrated services.

We help you design and implement processes fit for integrated health and social care networks.

We map, analyse, streamline and cost pathways so that cost effective and sustainable care can be commissioned from Providers .

Our Total Performance Management philosophy and tools ensure you develop comprehensive systems and metrics alongside empowered staff that make the difference.

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Service User Experience

We are dedicated to helping our clients improve the experience of service users. This is particularly vital in large, complex systems such as health and social care, where service users can easily become overwhelmed by jargon, bureaucracy and institutional indifference.

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